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American Dr. James Smith College in cheap nba jerseys Springfield, Massachusetts, in order to give the students find a way to exercise winter sports, in 1891, broke with two baskets and a football Replacement created basketball, this wholesale nba jerseys With today in full swing NBA. The NBA at June 6, 1946 born, cheap authentic nba jerseys we have a strange name BAA.

The emergence and development of NBA basketball is nba jerseys china the first fifty years of accumulation and precipitation. Since 1891, basketball was Dr. James Smith invention, in 1898, Trenton, New Jersey, a team with a $ 25 to rent the auditorium of a local tournament ticket to the audience. Dividend after the game squadron leader nba jerseys cheap Cooper organizations active competition, received the first $ 1. This "paid basketball game" was identified as the first British Encyclopedia field "professional basketball", cheap nba jerseys from china and Cooper became the first to receive income from a basketball cheap nba jerseys australia game in the "pros." Real contribution to the game is to find and implement a market value of basketball. $ 25 has to do with the relationship between an investment cheap nba basketball jerseys and income, the number of members of the two sides was in the cheap authentic nba jerseys auditorium of the game have been unable to study, if each team has at least 5 players (this is one of the least number of matches), then both sides a total of 10 players, each team member to get $ 15. All income is $ 150, plus $ 1 bonus Captain Cooper, $ 25 cheap nba jerseys china investment brought $ 151 in revenue. 96 years later, $ 151 to more than 40 billion dollars of development. NBA use the basic concepts and principles and then rented hall Cooper idea is the same. Trenton after the game, "paid game" rapidly expand in the United States. To protect participated in "paid game" players of interest, over the team in 1898 set up the first professional basketball organization - "Union" (NBL). As a cheap nba jerseys from china result of the economic strength and technological level of the team is far, with no mature market experience and rules, NBL season after only three or four will be in name only, the competition level of technology and management level is very low. NBL after its establishment, the United cheap nba jerseys china States and there have been many similar professional basketball organization, but are as superficial, to fend for themselves. 1930s, NBL recovery in some small cities,china nba jerseys some modest league. However, due to lack of sufficient funds to promotional, influence basketball has not formed.

BAA by the hockey hall and gymnasium eleven bosses nba jerseys from china co-founded the original intention was to make the stadium when the puck outside the game will not idle cold field. The stadium is a stadium bosses expert for business,cheap authentic nba jerseys from china they target NBA "National Basketball Association," the team concentrated in some of the Midwest, the reality of the city made famous ball must build local time in a big city team, establish the concept of a nation-wide organization of basketball. So nba jerseys wholesale BAA and then other large and small basketball league has three distinct characteristics: First, all eleven team bosses have their own stadium, so the team will have their own business territory; Second, BAA's players are just graduated from college basketball player, because at nba wholesale jerseys that time with home and away system of amateur college basketball has been very successful; Third, BAA league draws Hockey League at the time of the schedule, the team authentic nba jerseys wholesale split into two leagues east, west, and then then divided into several geographical division. In the regular season, the interior of each league teams play two home and away, and the other league teams play a home and away. Finally, good or bad according to cheap nba jerseys wholesale the results of the playoffs queue ranking, only the playoffs can hope to win the championship. BAA uses four 48 minutes to prepare, and to prohibit defense man to man defense. So far these are still the most basic features of amateur basketball in the NBA is different.

BAA is one of the sponsors, the Boston Garden stadium Abu boss Walter Lang also proposed a new professional basketball notion that professional wholesale nba basketball jerseys basketball must have strong financial support, a player can only effect a club and to sign a strict contract, League players reserve system should be established. These theoretical contribution is the introduction of huge amounts of money and legal constraints basketball, laid the salary system and contract these two cornerstones for the future development of the NBA.

In 1949, with the annexation after BAA NBL, in order to avoid legal trouble that may arise, officially renamed NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION, namely NBA.

50 years of NBA

1949-1950 season, when BAA annexation of NBL, "Tongyiliuguo" post, then the mighty 17 team started the new season, and officially changed its name to NBA-- National Basketball Association (NATIONALBASKETBALL ASSOCIATION). In 1952, the road to ruin every life, NBA came out 24 seconds the system, ornamental and scoring rate greatly improved the game.

BAA also into the first season, he appeared a star Joe Fu Er Kesi. Fu Er Kesi 1 meter tall and 69, from the University of Kentucky. At that time more than 80 points a game is difficult era, rich Er Kesi results were very prominent, he is the only one of the season to score more than 17 points per game players, with an average of up to 23.2 points per game. Although Fu Er Kesi outstanding, but still lacks a whole nation watched the stars. And BAA also encountered a series of problems, at the beginning of the second season, BAA remaining seven teams, despite Baltimore formed a new team to join the BAA, so BAA reached eight teams, but no one dared Definitely, if the professional basketball league to be able to survive in college basketball as the center of the United States; second, eight teams have six from the east, they implement regional protectionism and the team not very friendly to other areas.

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