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2004-05 season , with the addition of nba jerseys cheap the Charlotte Bobcats , NBA team has reached 30 .

June 29, 2006 , NBA officially introduced to put to use the new ball in the 2006-07 nba cheap jerseys season .This is NBA35 years to replace the ball for the first time in NBA60 also is only the second time in history.Spalding is responsible for the design and production of the new ball with new synthetic cheap nba jerseys uk materials , they can let the players say the new ball caught tighter , more ball feeling. In fact, many players on the new ball is not a good impression , complained that the new ball when dry too close hand , but slippery with sweat stains . So the NBA had to use cheap jerseys nba leather ball in January 1,NBA jerseys supply also from many years of Reebok into Adidas.

Since 1999, for 10 years labor income nba basketball jerseys cheap distribution has expired, the upcoming negotiations.On July 1, 2011, the NBA executive David stern announced the NBA again into the pavilion, the main reason for that player nba jerseys for cheap wages surged, making pellets unprofitable, and even cause alliance total doubling, the two sides in the process of collective bargaining sharply divided opinions, lead to can't reach a nba jerseys uk consensus, resulting in the NBA for the second time the fate of the sealing pavilion.

On August 10, 2011 for the second labor meeting, but due to the best nba jerseys management and labor and unable to reach a consensus, the main reason for the management to improve the luxury tax, player of the luxury tax tax, the players union refused to raise other unnecessary tax, so the NBA executive David stern custom nba jerseys announced to cancel the pre-season again two weeks, with nba custom jerseys a lead to the second meeting.

On September 20, 2011 in the third field labor meeting, there are 15 NBA players to participate in the collective bargaining in active service, the players union aims to describe the subjective and the nba replica jerseys objective of ideas and opinions, for players' rights and interests, but I don't understand by the management, due to the management for broadcasting rights and gold and the proportion of income can't reach a consensus, and we have nba jerseys replica differences on each ball's boss, pellet union to walk out, all the anger and the NBA executive David stern announced again cancel all pre-season friendly and regular season schedule of October to replica nba jerseys cheap November.

On October 12, 2011, the players union business meetings, some players offer another group of new and nba replica jerseys uk dissolution of the NBA players association, resort to legal sports court ruling.

On October 31, 2011 for replica nba jerseys china the fourth labor meeting, although the two sides to tommy, royalties and the proportion of income on TV, but the primary distribution of income is always unable to reach agreement, the management of the ideals of benefits and labor income vary very much, the players union insisted that account for 52.5% of the income scale, but insists the management accounts for 50.5% of proportion as the bottom line, the last disagreement is too large, the NBA executive David stern replica jerseys nba decided to cancel more than half of the regular season schedule, the players union is decided to dissolve the guild, have also been submitted to the labor arbitration proceedings. On wholesale nba jerseys November 26, 2011 after 25 days of labor did not speak to each other. Game 5 labor meeting on 26th, gather again rally in New York, results in more than 15 hours of negotiations, the two sides finally reached a preliminary agreement. The NBA executive David stern said: "the new labor agreement, for the nba jerseys wholesale new season start on the 25th of December is optimistic", 2011-12 season teams around 66 regular season games.

On November 30, 2011, the new labor nba wholesale jerseys agreement reached, the NBA's official public, the players union to agree, the regular Christmas began on December 25, 2011-12 season teams around 66 regular season cheap nba jerseys wholesale games.

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