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Every week: You read something on some blog somewhere as to ※Why adults should not wear jerseys§ or ※Jersey Wearing Rules 101§#

All-of-a-sudden, there is a Constitution re: wearing jerseys in public 每 and you know what? I*m absolutely sick of it.

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Is there jersey-wearing etiquette? Sure, I*m not going to sit here and argue that wearing a Patriots jersey to a Jets/Dolphins game is completely ok, but, I*m more concerned with the whole ※jersey-wearing§ mantra. If you are twenty-five years of age or older, and wear a jersey in public 每 you*re immediately associated with words such as ※Bro§, ※Single§, ※Immature§, and/or ※Juvenile§.

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And while I know I am every single one of those, the point here is that this is not a bad thing. We can sit here and debate this all day, but, there is a certain ※type§ of jersey out there that overrides any sort of &Fashion Rules* 每 a jersey so beloved, cherished, and desired # that no matter who you are, where you are, or who you*re with, it immediately makes you the best-dressed person in the room. The answer: NBA Champion Jerseys.

NBA Champion jerseys are the clothing-equivalent of that twenty-year-old bottle of single-malt Scotch you have in your basement. Not only is it great-tasting, but, in this case: they stopped making it in 2002 # thus, it*s not just another bottle of scotch# it*s a retired novelty.

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Now, there*s probably other people out there who have a discontinued twenty-year-old bottle of scotch too # so, whose is ※the best§? Let*s find out#

#10. Dikembe Mutombo, Denver Nuggets

Editor*s Note: The Finger Wag, his raspy/thunderous voice, the rare rainbow Rocky Mountain logo 每 everything about Dikembe Mutombo and this jersey*s aesthetics is nearly flawless. You didn*t just get rejected by Dikembe Mutombo, he rubbed it in your face every friggin time. The moment you put this jersey on, you instantly have an obligation to swat away anything within an arm*s reach 〞 and taunt whatever you can with a raspy deep voice that no-one can understand.

#9. John Starks, New York Knicks.

Listen: there*s nothing aesthetically-pleasing about this kit other than the tradition of the Knicks having the same jersey since their inception. But, that*s not why John Starks is on this list. If you at any point wore/wear &Starks* on your back: you represent grit. You represent the underdog. You represent the ※me against the world§ mentality # moreso than any player in NBA history. Starks didn*t care if he was guarding Michael Jordan or Spud Webb, he is, to this day, the face of the ※Come at me, Bro#§ movement 每 and for that reason alone, he comes in at #9 on this prestigious list.

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