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Wholesale Cheap Custom Nba Jerseys From China Free Shipping

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You know how these data are more right? Previously these data are relying on artificial hard statistics, so the errors and flaws are inevitable. cheap nba jerseys To reduce errors, NBA in 2008, had been set using a technique called the Synergy Sports Technology. But the system will soon be more advanced player tracking technology --SportVU instead.

SportVU system is actually installed in the stadium exploit every corner of the six cameras at a rate of 25 times per second track of the wholesale nba jerseys players and the ball in the stadium itself. And can be visualized in this picture into the following way.

With this chart, tracking data from the player's much simpler. And the system can provide data than we thought it would be nba jerseys replica more complicated. Let's look at an example. According SportVU for the Golden State Warriors analysis, all the Warriors game, up to every attack used by the number of passes in 20 games, the Warriors can get an average of 1.075 per attack points and made 16 in those games 8-4 record.

And every attack used the least number of passes in 20 games, the Warriors every attack on average only get 1.053 points, while the record slipped to 9 wins and 11 losses. Therefore, the Warriors should be actively pass on offense when. This is nba replica jerseys the data SportVU can provide, and these data can play a role.

In fact, the wealth of data, SportVU system can offer, so those team managers are a bit embarrassed. Data The data systems provided they use, this system provides less than 10% of the amount of data. nba jerseys china In other words, even as this veteran team manager we are still exploring how to use the data SportVU offer.

SportVU also more and more NBA players are welcome. 2009-10 season, only four players are willing to become SportVU mice, a year later, there were replica nba jerseys cheap two teams added to the experiment. To the 2012--2013 season, 15 teams started SportVU. And now, almost all the NBA arena are equipped with this system, it can be said to have become NBA teams SportVU standard configuration.

SportVU the key is to track the performance of the players on the field, and the players' performance under field can give another technique --Catapult. Catapult is an Australian company specializing in the development cheap replica nba jerseys of wearable device for monitoring of athletes, it can be mounted on the athlete's sportswear, and will not affect the operation of the performance of athletes.

The device can be used to detect athletes running, jumping, squatting, turned and various physiological indices, and is capable of speeds nba replica jerseys uk 1000 times per second to collect and analyze the data, and then transmitted in real time to screen the coaches. The figure is a typical Catapult data graph.

Use Catapult's biggest advantage is that you can monitor the physical condition of the players, so they arranged according to the cheap nba jerseys from china actual situation to rest, so that they will not be injured in a high intensity game, thus affecting the overall record of the team.

However, this place is also some bad fans will provoke resentment. In March this year, according to the Warriors on data made Catapult let four players, including Curry, including the rest of the decision. In this cheap nba jerseys china regard, we spent the money to buy tickets, play specifically look at Curry fans very unhappy. A fan in the head coach Steve Kerr tweeted: "Today is my son 7 years old birthday, we spent $ 250 view Curry, only to see that you put him on the bench press Thank you, Steve. . "

However, this complaint is also too biased. Although the individual races, Catapult data will coach made the decision to put the star player on the bench, thus china nba jerseys weakening the whole game worth watching. But in terms of the whole, but it is to protect those star players, to extend their career, so that the whole team become more fighting, so this season as a whole has become more attractive. After all, we all had their favorite players because of injuries, not only the season, but the future can no longer return to the peak of the tragic experience. Catapult data can make this not happen, nba jerseys from china it is a good thing for the fans.

Also make NBA cool technology to introduce from a hardware upgrade for the arena. In 2014--2015 season, NBA cost $ 15 million to build a huge replay Center nba china jerseys (Replay Center).

Before playback center set up, NBA local television broadcast trucks to complete playback. However, these local wholesale nba jerseys from china stations will not provide optimal playback as first to complete the work, after all, to ensure the quality of broadcast television is the primary task of these. Plus sometimes the judges for these controversies ball situation is not very understanding, repeatedly confirmed the need to know that they need to re-look at what a few shots. So often the judges need to spend a very long time to make a decision.

In order to reduce judges on the dispute ball time spent, but also to enhance the accuracy of the referee's ruling, NBA finally decided to establish nba jerseys wholesale china a playback center.

The replay can be connected to the nation's center 29 NBA arena with a total set of 94 high-definition cameras monitor all the games, with 20 workstations hand guard watching every move court. The central nba jerseys cheap wholesale processing system per second playback information processing capacity of up to 300 billion bits, so the processing power allows playback NBA center within 30 minutes to download the entire Library of Congress well over 158 million copies of documents.

Playback mode of operation of the center is this: Every workstation playback center there will be someone real-time monitoring of the status of the game. cheap basketball jerseys nba When the situation occurs (such as a player near the three-point line shot), the staff will be alerted immediately. Upon receipt of the signal sent to the floor the referee needs to look back at the situation had occurred, he would happen playback operations center, a good segment of the clip to the recording stage nba jerseys for sale cheap playing field. However, the judge will make a ruling based on the video content.

Currently, NBA provides for 15 situations occurs, the venue of the referee may require Playback Centre playback, including the suspect's field technical foul cheap custom nba jerseys behavior, physical confrontation between players, buzzer, near the three-point line shot and so on.

When playing back center in use, NBA referees efficiency really improved a lot. According to the 2014-2015 NBA regular season statistics, judges rely playback center has made a total of 2162 times the award, each took 42.1 seconds with a time of 50% less than the previous season. But accuracy is also improved, nba jerseys cheap free shipping there are times in the 2162 ruling in 1596 time was after referee prior ruling, the use of replay ruling center to verify accuracy. Which has 307 times the award in watching the video replay Center after correction.

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