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Curry in the first four games that fall was an accident, but the Western Conference finals Game 5 in Craig - Thompson were Ariza with "Muay cheap nba jerseys Thai" action injured leave.

Game 4 of the Western Conference finals, Curry in a prepared seal Gaializha back against fake shake when starting, and wholesale nba jerseys he fell heavily across from Trevor Ariza's head on the floor. Fortunately Curry's injury is not serious, he also passed the inspection concussion Union, which makes him the first four games of return can be achieved, and the normal play in the fifth field.

Section 2 starts today from the Thompson attack broke out, he brought to the team from behind the arc plenty of firepower support. However, an offense under nba replica jerseys section 3 of 5 so he had to return to the bench to rest, after he broke out in Section 4 was returned to the court. The fourth quarter and 9 minutes and 31 seconds, Thompson got the ball up front to do a shot fake, Ariza was shaking from ready blocks, Thompson took the opportunity to prepare income potential breakthrough, the result no action Ariza legs, he knees straight top to the right temple Thompson, Thompson instantly nba jerseys china KO lying on the floor.

Ariza see this action, two commentary CCTV Yang Jian and Yang Yi can not help but said, "This is Bruce Lee's moves? Bruce Lee is not the knee, which is a Muay Thai action." In fact, this action Ariza is really bad, then he could have legs, but he did not nba jerseys replica do so, but chose to direct his knee up. Ariza after being knocked down an iron knee, Thompson lay for some time, and then got to the locker room for examination.

Two consecutive games, Ariza almost destroyed the Warriors headed brothers spray arms, fell on a library, this really is not the fault of Ariza, he was just a careless move, but today Thompson fell to the ground, which Ariza is replica nba jerseys cheap below the belt, his Muay Thai action, some bad, which once again reflects the extent of the brutality of playoff contention.

This is the season of the first and second name West regular season battle, it will also be two MVP contender James - Harden and Stephen - Curry war. Bearded can cheap replica nba jerseys copy dream feat 20 years ago?

31 points, seven rebounds and eight assists and three steals, Harden This is the data of the field. With his play, the Rockets since 1997, 18 years for the first time broke into the Western Conference finals. The final whistle, nba replica jerseys uk not enough good taste the taste of victory, the scene Harden grabbed the reporter mentioned the next round opponent library. Faced with such a "unromantic" reporter, Harden just casually said that it would do its utmost.

In fact, the library name Harden whole season has been lingering in my mind. Two alternating the lead in the MVP standings, prompting NBA players, coaches, nba replica jerseys cheap experts and fans who have become involved, divided into two camps, showing rare in recent years anxious state.

Curry had the last laugh, was still in the first round, even though Harden expressed ambitious pursuit, but his first pass and the award, or distraught. Since then, Curry Harden first step into the threshold of the Western replica nba jerseys china Conference finals, Harden despite backward step taken but also quite shocking.

Vote before the name of the single-season MVP 2 dispute in the history of show how the state? Data show that, MVP winners higher winning percentage, and had 21 MVP vote first two playoff matchup, MVP winner to 14-7 lead. replica jerseys nba Nearly 10 seasons (counting from 2004-05), the former single-season MVP 2 vote the name of struggle in the playoffs, there have been only once.

That was in the 2011-12 season, MVP LeBron - James led the Heat in the finals with 4-1 win over MVP voting that season, the first two Kevin - Durant led the Thunder. Then forward number, 97, and 2008 two-time Finals MVP cheap nba replica jerseys votes to 97 years Jordan identity of the second beat when the season MVP winner - Karl Malone, then 98 years Jordan MVP winner identity again beat when the season ranked second in the postman .

Learning from history no favors this season clash Harden limitations. Four games of the regular season, the Rockets swept encounter 0-4, Harden field can get 25.3 points, 5.5 rebounds and 5.3 assists per game, shot just 34.7 percent cheap wholesale nba jerseys three-point shooting rate is only 21.4 percent; while Curry averaged 25.8 points 6.5 rebounds and 8.3 assists, shooting up 57.8 percent, three-point shooting as high as 51.9%, comparing the two, Curry comprehensive prevail.

However, Harden need not discouraged, the Rockets history, had staged the finals of the season MVP Lizhan show. That was 20 years ago in the 1994-95 season, the defending champion Rockets only 47-35 West ranked sixth wholesale nba jerseys china last season MVP Hakeem - Hakeem Olajuwon even the village's desire to drop the empty, MVP flowers of the season team made 62 wins and 20 losses ranked first in the league, David - Robinson (voted MVP of the season, the big dream ranked only No. 5).

History is always surprisingly similar. The second round of the season, the sun was behind 1-3 after the rocket reverse the cut, the Western Conference Finals Spurs suffered precisely the result Rockets 4-2 clearance, big dreams wholesale nba jerseys from china defeated Admiral, hold revenge . According to market rumors, has been a big dream of playing will be no confidence in the locker room and had to cry, it was still angered Spurs - Dennis Rodman much unhappy, denounced it as "soft egg."

Challenges and opportunities. This time the battle is proof Curry deserved MVP, or Harden makes people daydream "If MVP wholesale nba jerseys free shipping re-election once ......" wait and see.

Today rocket away to the Warriors, were the fifth contest of the Western Conference finals series. When the race to Section 3 minutes 19 seconds left, Dwight - Howard because complaining to the referee eat a technical foul. This is Howard (microblogging) seventh technical foul in the playoffs this year, unless the official NBA game, after assessment, to cancel the technical foul, because otherwise it will be a total of seven times cheap stitched nba jerseys Warcraft technical foul of the playoffs, suffered automatic suspended, missed the war played in the Western Conference Finals 6 (if necessary).

The first section of the game the Rockets played well, may start the second quarter was the Warriors 10-0 offensive, unfavorable market situation again Howard mentality imbalance results in the second quarter to 3 cheap youth nba jerseys minutes and 19 seconds, Howard and Bogut in melee combat mental balance, he not only pushed a Bogut, and mouth also kept complaining. Judge sentenced a technical foul to quell the disturbances both sides, but Howard is not worthwhile, because if the Rockets win the game, then the next game he will be received due to technical fouls 7 in the playoffs and is automatically suspended for one game. I can only say that at this moment, Howard is really too sanity.

Curry night 9-thirds vote 7 to 64 three-pointers in NBA history to break the single-season playoff record-thirds. In addition, the NBA history, buy nba jerseys cheap no team 0-3 behind in the case of realization comeback. The fourth game of the two teams will be held on the 25th local time in Houston home.

In addition to a game-high 40 points, "Meng God" campaign seven assists and five rebounds, while Harden rocket headed star only 3 of 16 shots to get only 17 points and four assists. "Spray brothers" in Thompson had 17 points and five assists, Green also recorded 17 points, 13 rebounds and five assists, and Andrew Bogut cheap basketball jerseys nba had 12 points and 12 rebounds. Harden the Rockets feel bad, only 3 of 16 shots to get 17 points, Josh Smith added 16 points, eight rebounds and four assists, Howard had 14 points and 14 rebounds, Brewer removed 13 points, Trevor Ariza had 7 points and 8 rebounds.


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