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The longest winning streak record: on November 5, 1971 to nba jerseys china January 7, 1972, the Los Angeles lakers made 33 straight charts, until 104-120 loss to the bucks.The stadium is on February 4, 2013 to March 28, led by James of the Miami heat made 27 china nba jerseys wins in a row, the heat away from 97-101 loss to the www.globewomen.org/about/index.php/page/5/
www.globewomen.org/about/index.php/page/5/, bulls.Third winning streak is created by Tracy McGrady and yao Ming led the Houston rockets 22-game win streak miracle!From nba jerseys from china January 30, 2008 to March 17, 2008.The playoffs the longest winning streak is the spurs in 1999 winning streak, the stadium is the lakers twice in 1989 and 1989 in 11 in a row, the third in a row 10-game winning streak is the spurs in 2012.

Longest losing streak record: in 2010-2011 season, the cavaliers because James go to 26 losing streak to match the flat major league four (NFL and MLB, NBA, NHL) the longest losing streak record.On nba china jerseys February 12, 2011, the cavaliers at home after overtime war, 126-119 victory over the clippers, eventually the longest losing streak record in the NBA history at 26.In 2013-2014 season, the 76 ers to 26 skid tied the cavaliers longest losing streak in the NBA record of 2010 to 2011.On March 30, 2014, 76 ers at home 123-98 nba jerseys cheap china victory over the Detroit pistons, match the longest losing streak in the NBA record.

china jerseys nba Single-game scoring the highest two teams: in 1983-1984 season, the pistons and 3 overtime, the nuggets war eventually pistons to a 186-184 win over the nuggets, the two sides also wholesale nba jerseys china create the highest record in NBA history, added up to 370 points.

Single-game scoring a minimum of two teams: on November 22, 1950, the pistons allegiance to a points against the nba cheap jerseys china lakers, two teams up to 37 points,NBAJERSEYS_FNEZACR188 | cheap nba jerseys from China
NBAJERSEYS_FNEZACR188 | cheap nba jerseys from China, created the history of the NBA game the combined total of the two teams scored lowest, is so far the score, because at that time, there is no limit to the nba jerseys wholesale china 24 seconds, so to this incredible record.

Is one of the biggest reversal: Utah in November 1996, the creation of 34 wholesale nba jerseys from china points of reversal, the nuggets, 70:36 lead the jazz.In the end, the jazz reversal to a 107-103 victory over the nuggets.

wholesale nba jerseys NBA players union called the national basketball association (NBPA), the former Boston authentic nba jerseys wholesale celtics star Bob tin library was established in 1954 and is responsible for on behalf of the players and the team boss talks, and maintain the interests of the players.Union executive director adidas NBA LA Lakers Kobe Bryant White Jersey | cheap nba jerseys
adidas NBA LA Lakers Kobe Bryant White Jersey | cheap nba jerseys, Billy hunter, the union's current chairman, nba jerseys wholesale is from the Los Angeles lakers' Derek fisher.Collective Bargaining agreements (Collective Bargaining Agreement, CBA for short) is the NBPA and reached an Agreement, the NBA is the foundation of all player contract.

In 1998, due to the NBPA will to refuse the NBA player wages by 57% to 48% of BRI and set up a hard nba wholesale jerseys salary cap proposal, closed from July 1, the NBA arena and stop all business activities, until the next year on January 20, the two sides reached an agreement signed a new CBA.This wholesale nba basketball jerseys seven months of 191 - day lockout is the longest in NBA history to stop operation, the 1998-99 season regular season was compressed to 50 games, all-star weekend also held at cheap wholesale nba jerseys the same time;Player reached $four hundred million in lost wages, and the team and the NBA losses near Cheap NBA Throwback Jerseys For Sale,Cheap NBA Throwback Jerseys
Cheap NBA Throwback Jerseys For Sale,Cheap NBA Throwback Jerseys, billion dollars.

And a labor agreement use wholesale nba jerseys free shipping period is 2005-06 to 2010-11 season, 2010-11 nba jerseys cheap wholesale season after the two sides split in the process of negotiation is very big, failed to reach a consensus, thus cause the lockout, 2011-12 season field is compressed from 82 to 66 regular-season games.

A new labor agreement was signed in 2011, which become 2015-Cleveland-Cavaliers-jersey-23-Jersey-Cheap-NBA-basketball-Jerseys-New-Rev-Embroidery-Logo-Free-Shipping.jpg
2015-Cleveland-Cavaliers-jersey-23-Jersey-Cheap-NBA-basketball-Jerseys-New-Rev-Embroidery-Logo-Free-Shipping.jpg, more severe wholesale nba jerseys australia on the luxury tax, and stepped up, will be wholesale nba jerseys cheap implemented in 2014-2015 season.

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